Athens 2017,

The number of escape rooms reached 3564 and this phenomenon has enraged a guy called BigSaw.

After a fascinating escape game you visited you all wake up strapped in a somehow different escape room.

Everyting is different and suddenly you hear the following message:

“All of you esapers out there, that you like being locked in a room,


I’ve been following you for a long time,

And the time has come for you to pay.

I want to play a game, with many shades and many puzzles.

I the great BigSaw will show you how its done”


sTRAPPEDon is not like any other escape room.

It is a comedy-parody with sexual content of all the escape rooms.

Your goal is not to escape but to stay in the room for 90’

The game has 3 different versions:

SoftCore: A ”safe” way for those who want to collect points.

HardCore: Big risks, High rewards, Kinky and fun situations. Choose this version ONLY if you are prepared for everything.

Bachelor Party: Only for bachelor parties, phone reservation required.

We thank our sponsor for this room the e-shop for all the sex toys provided in the game.

For bookings after midnight please check the next calendar day


3 people 60€ (20€/Per Person ) 

4 people 72€ (18€/Per Person ) 

5 people 80€ (16€/Per Person ) 

6 people 84€ (14€/Per Person ) 

7 people 91€ ( 13€/Per Person ) 

8+ people 96€ ( 12€/Per Person )

Special offer if you play 2 games in the same day there is 20% discount on the second game

The duration of the game is 90’ and the recommended number of team members is 5+


For bookings after midnight please check the next calendar day

Special Offers

-20% on the second game if played the same day.

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